Rainer Bachmann, CEO and Co-Founder

As a long-standing top manager in major energy companies and as the CEO of E:E Consulting GmbH, Rainer is one of the top experts in Europe, contributing to driving transformation and innovation across the energy sector.

Rainer has over 20 years of experience in the Energy and Utilities sector, from different top management roles, as Head of Innovations, CIO, Head of Platforms and Operations, and Head of e-Mobility solution in the B2B segment, worldwide, for Europe’s most prestigious companies, from Siemens, to RWE, and EON. Rainer is a physicist, with a diploma from RWTH Aachen, and a certified Project Manager (PMI, IPMA).

As a honed executive in the Utilities and Energy industry, Rainer chose to devote himself to the Renewables, as he strongly believes in shaping the future of a sustainable Europe, through his speaking assignments, contributing to writing legislation introducing new standards in e-mobility, but also by providing expert counseling while developing top-notch projects.

Rainer works directly with clients, businesses, and research partners (university and institutes) to identify opportunities, build relationships, and partnerships with key industry players, with a focus on Energy, e-Mobility, and Smart City projects.

Alongside his operational experience in the Renewables, Rainer has consistently worked with senior executives and institutional bodies to address their most pressing strategic issues. He has served clients and institutions across several markets in the EU, CEE, Middle East, North America, and Latin America.

Rainer Bachmann is a published author of industry research and opinions, a sought-after speaker at international congresses, and a board member for energy and for e-mobility at the EU Technology Chamber.

As a member of the European Senate of Economy, he advises the EU Commission on issues relating to the expansion of infrastructure, energy transition, and climate neutrality.

Major concept projects developed by Rainer, together with industry partners:

  • Charging Parks for eTrucks
  • Smart City Quarter
  • eStation in eMobility concepts

Selected Publications

  • E-Mobility Infrastructure: Smart and Fast Charging, Prospero Events, Prag, 2020
  • Active Communication International (ACI) – Flexibility based on V2G technology, Digital Utilites , Amsterdam 2020
  • Regulation in Germany – Electric vehicles supporting and stabilizing the low voltage grid, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung,  Berlin 2020
  • Electric vehicles supporting and stabilizing the low voltage grid, CINTONA, Strategie Konferenz, Köln 2020
  • IoT – E-Mobility supports the stabilization of the low voltage grid, Future for Utilities, London 2019
  • Smart infrastructure as a driver for sustainable smart cities, CIO Applications Europe, 2019
  • Stabilization of the low voltage grid by e-mobility, RAI IoT TECH Expo, Amsterdam 2019
  • Stabilization of the low voltage grid by e-mobility, BIS Group, Berlin 2019
  • Distributed Energy Resources, Digitalization and IoT, Panel, Wien 2018
  • Utilities Neuausrichtung , PWC Jahrestreffen, Panel, Noordwijk 2018
  • E-Mobilität, BDEW Jahres-Kongress, Panel, Berlin 2018
  • Innovationsmanagement , E-World of Energy, Panel,  2018
  • E-Mobility and the Future of Urban Transportation, Panel, Sofia 2018
  • Das Quartier als privates Verteilungsnetz, in: Digiltal Cities 2017

Rainer lives in Düsseldorf (Germany), with his wife and 3 daughters, loves traveling and outdoor activities, especially riding and camping. He rides a motorcycle and spends his weekend repairing items for his daughters.

Rainer has a subtle sense of humor, and is an amazing leader, always throwing ideas into the working groups and moving things forward.

He volunteers for several organizations and loves to work with children, engaging in training the junior football team at a local high school. Rainer is a Board Member in Society 6.0, an independent Think Tank whose aim is to democratize technology and knowledge.

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