Joachim (Joe) Hoelzer, CFO

Joe is pragmatic and entrepreneurially thinking and acting, with many years of technical and disciplinary management responsibility, driving business transformations with intensive phases of change.

His over 20 years of international experience were spent across German and US markets, as a managing director, and consultant in international large and medium-sized companies, where his knowledge, skills, and creativity were the basis of long-term economic success in the corporate world.

Joe Hoelzer has a background in aerospace engineering with a focus on aircraft engine performance, an MBA in Financial Management, and is a Six Sigma/Lean Black Belt. He was a Trainer for Management-Learning-Systems and while with Eaton Business Systems Examiner.

Long story short: Joe has built a reputation on the ability to penetrate and structure complex issues as well as problem-solving of difficult technical issues.
He thinks in business models and business triggers, with a deep knowledge of the systems and how to apply them, to boost results and solve critical customer problems.

He is specialized in strategic development and operational implementation including cost management and cost analysis, Business Transformation/ Change Management, Business Excellence / Lean Six Sigma, Business process optimization, Organizational development, Management training, and –development.

He joined E:E Consulting as a CFO, also involved in Business Transformation and Project Management.

Selected Projects


  • Development of an implementation strategy for a business unit of a German company in the USA (North Carolina)
  • Preparation of a financial analysis for a printing and packaging company in Massachusetts, USA, including the development of a business optimization strategy
  • Development of business plans and strategies for small and medium-sized companies (50-1000 employees) in the USA


  • Introduction and implementation of a long- and medium-term business strategy as well as development of a marketing plan for a German company in the USA as well as acquisition activities
  • Development and implementation of an integrated “supply chain” organization and definition of key projects in an aircraft construction company in New Mexico
  • Restructuring of a U.S. Management team because of a failed business integration including internal reorganization of employees and processes

Business Excellence / Lean Six Sigma

  • Translation of the “Lean Management 50-50-20” book into German
  • Revision / introduction of a process failure mode and effects analysis (PFMEA) and installation of poke yokes for an American supplier to the commercial vehicle industry in Mexico
  • Utilized Six Sigma methods to solve critical customer problems
  • Conducted a business analysis for a plastic technology company in Puerto Rico
  • Development, design, and organization of an aircraft engine division (technical and administrative functions) using ‘lean’ principles
  • Headed a “Global Manufacturing Council” (seven plants in the USA, one plant in Singapore and one plant in Germany) and introduced “best practices” to optimize all divisional business processes

Joe currently lives in Kiedrich (Germany), but still misses living in the US, for the landscapes and wild nature immersion. He has a strong professional demeanor, and a philosophical personality, enjoying deep conversations, exploring cultures, spirituality, and lifestyles. Joe is a risk taker, with a strong entrepreneurial focus. His extensive travelling and US professional background gave Joe a broad perspective on people and business.

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