Welcome to E:E Consulting

E:E Consulting GmbH is a management and strategy consulting company based in Germany, with an international executive board, founded in 2017, as a network of highly qualified energy experts and consultants. The company provides consulting and implementation services, as well as interim management, for energy and mobility projects, specifically tailored to our customer’s needs.

We have structured the company with a close eye to the energy and e-mobility market, as a partnership of industry experts.

Rainer Bachmann, CEO and Co-Founder



We aspire to use our competence and industry expertise in order to contribute decisively to shaping the future of a sustainable energy and mobility sector across Europe, and the world.


We believe that the future is green and we intend to play our part by creating new standards, regulations, and opportunities for the next generations.


  • Expertise: We adhere to the highest professional standards, turning expertise into value.
  • Agility: We challenge the status quo, with open minds, focus, and speed.
  • Innovation: We develop well-planned, bold, and impactful projects that exceed expectations.
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