Simona Marginean
Dr. Simona Marginean, Head of Marketing

Simona is a results-driven Marketing and Communication leader, with +15 years of international experience in over 10 industries, for B2B and B2C companies, developing marketing strategies for brand awareness and lead generation.

Simona has deep expertise in over 10 industries, helping clients from Energy, Utilities, eCommerce, Engineering, Constructions, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Software and more, to scale up their business, communicate their value proposition, reposition their products portfolio, enhance their brand and drive demand generation campaigns with significant results.

She is particularly focused on content marketing, branding, and personal branding, working to develop authentic content that generates long-term, qualified business leads.

Simona works with stakeholders and management boards to identify business priorities and consults on marketing strategies that deliver top-notch results.

She builds strategic relationships and partnerships with key industry players, agencies, and vendors, to deploy successful marketing campaigns, and own their implementation, from ideation to execution.

She focuses on producing valuable and engaging marketing content that attracts and converts our target groups.

She has a strategic approach to marketing and communications, aiming to challenge the stereotypes building a best-in-class marketing organization that turbo-charges customer acquisition and retention.

Prior to joining E:E Consulting, Simona was a Marketing Director for CAPAROL for several European markets, a sought-after Marketing Consultant, driving value for medium-sized companies, developing marketing and communications strategies, classic and digital, loyalty programs, branding, and content projects, impacting business growth in volume, margins, utilization, and market share. Simona is also the founder of an eCommerce Home & Living platform.

Simona has a Ph.D. in Marketing Strategic, and Academic background, teaching Marketing &PR courses at prestigious European Universities. She is also a published author of marketing research, in international marketing journals, covering: Branding, Customer Loyalty, Marketing in the Digital Economy, and Marketing Strategies during Financial Crises.


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Simona lives in Toronto (Canada), with her husband and her son, in a high rise, on the 32nd floor – literally above the clouds, with a clear vision of the city and its opportunities. She loves the outdoors, especially hiking, sailing, and skiing. She has a passion for history and technology, reading her way through the past with a keen eye on the future.