We are ready to strategize on the next industry challenge, together with agile partners. Our experts have contributed to developing Smart City projects across Europe, where different technologies and operational challenges intersected. Our consulting services include:

  • Advanced next-generation smart meter implementations and business modeling
  • Smart City data technology selections
  • Smart City data aggregation methods and database structuring
  • District Heating & Cooling Energy system integration and optimization for Smarter cities
  • Advanced planning for e-mobility public charging infrastructure placement, power, and available capacity frameworks
  • Smart City public charging infrastructure business modeling for access and payment
  • Tendering support for public provisioning of city charging infrastructure
  • Smart grid and energy market integration of public city charging infrastructure
  • Intermodal mobility approaches

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for scheduling a conversation with one of our Partners, to assess your pain points and identify customized solutions.