Nils Dullum
Nils Dullum, e-Mobility Partner

Nils is a business development top-notch international expert in the e-Mobility & Transport sector and a Tech Entrepreneur.

He is specialized in driving transformation across the renewable industry, with a focus on grid integration of flexible assets, VPP platform development, as well as PV, BESS, Boiler, and other Demand Response asset implementations, alongside FCR market integration & development

He started his career in the financial industry, and later entered the EV space by founding the Nordic CPO CleanCharge in 2009,  entering a cooperations agreement with RWE Effizienz, later Innogy.

As a frequent international conference speaker, an e-mobility strategy analyst, Nils Dullum began consulting for major clients in 2015, working on high-level projects for Porsche AG and Ionity GmbH. Analytical and market-driven with a focus on product and process optimization as well as coordinated and supportive organizational structures, Nils works with clients across Europe on projects focusing on market growth, IT system development, marketing, and consulting services.

Nils has 15 years of experience in the Energy industry. Before joining E:E Consulting Gmbh, he was the Chief Sales Officer at Hubject GmbH. 

Nils has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and an MBA from Oregon State University.

Main projects:

EnergyLab Nordhavn – New Urban EnergyInfrastructures 

Size: €19 mill consortium of 12 national and international companies 

Developed and demonstrated future energy solutions. The project utilized and consolidated Copenhagen’s Nordhavn as a full-scale smart city energy lab. Demonstrated how electricity and heating, energy-efficient buildings, and electric transport can be integrated into an intelligent, flexible, and optimized energy system.

TSG Nordic A/S – Consultant & Advisor

Procuring and securing CPO & MSP foundation for TSG key fuel retail customers. HPC, DC, and AC charging hardware product selections and alignment. Sales support efforts. Strategy for market placement efforts and introductions. Tender support and department knowledge base build-up as well as vetting and hiring new salespeople

True Energy – Consultant and interim COO services

Newmarket entry strategies and implementation for each Nordic country for the IOT Smart Charge App platform. Acquiring and closing new partners for partner strategy solutions. Grid and energy market regulatory framework assessment for FCR grid services and DR grid integration services. Opening access for types of IT services at TSO and DSO levels respectively. CPO IT platform development and business case strategy. Integrating smart home, smart meter, and PV production gateways in IT development platform strategy

Hubject GmbH – Organizational strategy and structural change management:

Simplified organizational disharmonic and improved organizational communication and market understanding of the core product and product suite. Devised and coordinated marketing strategy and communication, hand in hand with Sales Strategy.

Nils lives in Copenhagen (Denmark)  and shares his office with his dog (name). He has the entrepreneurial mentality of a visionary, and his nick-name is ”the thinker”. Nils has a great sense of humor, a fine sarcasm and is a great colleague and partner, always finding solutions to address project road blocks.