Elbert Lievense, e-Mobility Partner

Elbert is a strategic business leader and an entrepreneur, venture architect, business designer, and shapeshifter.  He aims to be an integrator between strategy, tactics, and operations, and a cooperation coordinator, developing partnerships across the Smart Mobility and Energy industry. As a translator of high-level technical development to operations and vice versa, Elbert is creating business opportunities that aim to shape a CO2-free future.

Elbert has developed a significant number of projects, for clients across Europe, from the implementation of the smart grid strategy for ElaadNL, to the development of hardware and software, processes with network operators, smart meter integration, and smart charging solutions.

Elbert is a visionary architect of the smart city, tapping on the new wave of ideas and innovations that uses smart cities frames as a way to foster and increase holistic solutions for society, industry, and academy, with a focus on creating long term solutions and adding value for an increasing and diverse population.

Therefore he is focused on projects such as Smart Meter (EVSE integration with P1 functionalities / Alfen. Use of the P1 connection for Smart Charging), Project Fast-E / Allego ( Development of a fast-charging network with 278 locations in Belgium and Germany), Project Ultra-E / Allego: Construction of 30 ultra fast-charging stations from Eastern Germany to the Netherlands and Project Mega-E / Allego: Development of charging infrastructure in Metropool regions.

Other relevant projects:

  • Development of OSGP – Open Smart Grid Platform / Alliander. Development of a startup in the field of IoT for critical infrastructures. OSGP is now integrated in LF-Energy.org
  • Development Future Energy Home / E.ON SE: Strategic and tactical development of integrated solutions for buildings and apartments. Integration of smart devices, PV, e-mobility and storage
  • EU go to market planning / (Nordic hardware manufacturer, non-disclosed)
  • Strategic planning and prioritization of the European landing strategy. Implementation of VK andBeNeLux

Across all projects, Elbert nurtures relationships and close cooperation with OEM, politics, network operators, and location partners.
Elbert has nearly 20 years of experience in Energy and Utilities. Before joining E:E Consulting GmbH, Elbert was the Head of Global Solutions e-mobility for E.ON Drive, and the Sales and Business Development Manager for Smart Society Services, striving to accelerate innovation in the utility market and reinvent how things are done.
Elbert is a Bachelor of Science from the Rotterdam University of Applied Science.

Elbert is also called ”the maker of things”, and is a typical Dutch guy, living in Terheijden, North Brabant (Netherlands). Actually, his dream is to live somewhere in Asia, working remotely on his projects. He has 2 sons and, together, practice kiting and motorcycling.  He has done extensive travelling, worked cross-borders, and has a special vision on worthyness, in an international context.

CONTACT: elbert.lievense@e-e-consult.com