Energy resilience of hospitals

Hospitals in Germany are facing challenges such as rising energy prices and cyber attacks, but they also have the potential to generate energy themselves through photovoltaic systems, heat pumps, and stationary batteries.

Energy as a Service 

The next webinar of the EU Tech Chamber (EUTECH) DACH Alliance will focus on “Energy as a service – a business model for decarbonization?” with renowned experts Rainer Bachmann, Bahman Hamedebarghi, Thomas Kleefuß and Andreas Otte. Energy as a service covers a wide range of possibilities that concern us when it comes to energy. Whether it’s demand management and energy efficiency, balancing supply…

E:E Consulting

Smart City

When we think about Smart Cities, we usually go in multiple directions but we need to narrow the focus and highlight that smart cities are in essence better-optimised cities and a concept any city has to master, in the future. Essentially, a smart city uses digital technology to improve the lives of people. For the…

Visions for Europe

Grid stabilization based on E-Mobility V2G technology

Below an excerpt from the article published by our CEO, Rainer Bachmann, in the magazine Visions for Europe, December 2021. EV battteries do not only provide flexibility while being charged and storing energy (V1G) but also offer the technology to inject power into the local distribution grid – vehicle to grid (V2G). In the EU…