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Smart City

When we think about Smart Cities, we usually go in multiple directions but we need to narrow the focus and highlight that smart cities are in essence better-optimised cities and a concept any city has to master, in the future. Essentially, a smart city uses digital technology to improve the lives of people.

For the first time in history, more than half of the world’s population lives in cities and the numbers will increase and cities need to be prepared to become 100% smart cities.

We need cities based on the new wave of ideas and innovation, using smart city frames as a way to foster and increase holistic solutions for society, industry, and the academy. We are building a new foundational infrastructure and framework that, if well used, can create a better and more inclusive, and sustainable ecosystem.

Well-planned smart cities can create economies of scale and efficiency that can save energy, augment productivity, and have more transparent governance. Thanks to the information that is gathered, in real-time, by thousands of interconnected devices, city managers can understand the potential issues and create faster solutions to upcoming problems. When property and buildings become “intelligent”, one can augment innovation and economic and industry solutions with the right application of smart systems that include meters and energy saving systems, and transport optimization according to the needs of the populations.

We, the team behind E:E Consulting,  are supporting the Smart City ecosystem – utilities, charging network providers, charging equipment manufacturers, automakers, charging station owners, municipalities, and governments, helping them navigate the future.

The members of the EV ecosystem want to succeed in ensuring driver access, balancing the grid, supporting charging owners and operators, and advancing EV fleets. Therefore, they need to collaborate frequently and commit to standards-setting and interoperability.

Wise companies will make investments in R&D, forecast and plan for infrastructure, craft successful business models and choose the “package” that will deliver reliable, clean, safe, and convenient service. 

They will need to rely on trusted advisors that have the experience and expertise to help them navigate the future. Contact us today, and join our list of clients, the Pioneers of Green Mobility!.

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