Visions for Europe

Grid stabilization based on E-Mobility V2G technology

Below an excerpt from the article published by our CEO, Rainer Bachmann, in the magazine Visions for Europe, December 2021.

EV battteries do not only provide flexibility while being charged and storing energy (V1G) but also offer the technology to inject power into the local distribution grid – vehicle to grid (V2G).

In the EU Horizon-2020 funded research project MEISTER, the potential of the V2G technology has been checked:
• injecting power when the load in the low voltage grid segment is high
• injecting power with a controlled phase shift between current and voltage
• taking power form the grid by charging and injecting the same amount of power in the same grid

V2G technology has improved the techical situation of the 3 use cases and reduced problems with harmonics. The selection and control of the charging devices has been performed by a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) from CERTH/ITI (Greece) on request of the local Grid Control Center (GCC) or even faster, by the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) level. The communication is based on standard IEC protocols, here IEC 60870-5-140

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